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Web design 網頁設計

Web design

Design for eCommerce 電子商貿設計

Design for eCommerce

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Design for social commerce

Search Engine Marketing 搜索引擎營銷

Search Engine Marketing

Cloud Solution Packages

Subscription Plans

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F-Secure PSB Service

  Advanced Mobile Security 

HK$ 166 .0

/ license / year
  • Agent app for Android
  • Next-gen security protection
  • Comprehensive endpoint security
  • F-Secure web management portal

Cloud Backup Service

Starter package

HK$ 216 .0

/ user / year
  • Agent app for Windows / Mac OS
  • 50GB cloud storage
  • Hong Kong data center
  • SSL and 100% storage encryption

Odoo Cloud CRM Service

Starter package

HK$ 99 .0

/ user / month
  • Cloud-based. 24x7 accessible
  • Get access CRM / Sales modules
  • Dedicated. Strict privacy
  • Free classroom training

Odoo Cloud ERP Service

Starter package

HK$ 199 .0

/ user / month
  • Cloud based. 24x7 accessible
  • CRM / Sales / Product / Inventory
  • ERP email messaging
  • Dedicated. Strict privacy

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