OpenERP ( Odoo ) Upgrade 2021
5 April, 2021 by
OpenERP ( Odoo ) Upgrade 2021
Laps Solutions Limited

(This article is suitable for one with a running OpenERP / Odoo under Ubuntu and PostgreSQL database environment.)

Laps Solutions has been committed to providing OpenERP (Odoo) solution services for many years. We provide services from its community version (Community) and enterprise (Enterprise) version v9 to today's version v14. If you are using an old version of Odoo and are considering system upgrade, we are here to share some experience with you.

First, you have to consider upgrading the four main components: operating system, Python, PostgreSQL database and Odoo. You can upgrade any of the above separately, but in fact they are in different software life cycles, and the four components are all dependent on each other. For example, Odoo requires Python 3 since v11. If you want to upgrade from v10 to v14, it is better to upgrade the operating system together.

An external factor may force you to upgrade the Odoo system. If you are using a cloud service provider such as Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL, some EOL (End-of-life) PostgreSQL will stop service and you will have to upgrade the databases. (You can also choose to install the outdated database version on the server yourself, but we do not recommend this.)

Odoo used to upgrade its application version every year (applicable to both Community and Enterprise versions), but we do not recommend that you upgrade the system every year, unless you can benefit from the new version by using new features.

Suppose you have an old version of Ubuntu (for many Odoo v9 and v10, usually Ubuntu 14.04). Although there are not many Linux commands to use to upgrade the operating system and Python version, PostgreSQL upgrade and migration of production system data is not an easy task, not to mention that the Odoo you are using may already have some customized codes. Even though Odoo has its application and database backup and restore tools, if a certain degree of automation is required, migration scripts are required in most cases. However, programming migration script service will consume a lot of developer time and your expense.

According to our experience, we prefer to perform Data Export/Import Migration between the old and new system. This also ensures that the previously developed and new customized codes are verified in the new system during the development and testing phase of the upgrade project.

Recently, cloud service providers have provided many APIs related to AI (artificial intelligence) and ML (machine learning). Since Odoo is an open platform and supports Python, we have integrated some AI functions into the customer's ERP and CRM systems. You can also think about it when planning an Odoo upgrade.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your Odoo upgrade project.

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