What is the trend of web design and social media design?
27 February, 2019 by
What is the trend of web design and social media design?
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Let’s introduce you the design trend of Digital Marketing, so that you can make an eye-catching website!

1. Custom made illustrations

"Self-own Illustrations" continued to be popular in 2019! According to statistics on the web, the conversion rate of a web page in illustrator style is seven times more than the photo.

Brands also tend to design and produce personal illustrations so that customers can remember themselves and further create and sublimate the brand uniqueness!

1.1 Custom made illustrations (Desktop Version)
1.2 Custom made illustrations (Mobile Version)

2. Gradients style

Gradient design has quietly returned in recent years, such as Apple, Instagram, etc.

Gradient colour with a simple and blank design (Negative Space) will have a very good visual effect.

Many websites use gradient elements to make websites look trendy and impressive, and it is definitely a great choice in 2019!

Let’s suggest you a practical gradient tool: https://webgradients.com

2.1 Gradients Style + Minimalism

3. Animations & Video Background

According to a large amount of research data, short videos or interesting short animations can make users more willing to interact with the brand and improve the conversion rate.

Good videos can convey more clear product or service message in a short time.

That’s why Instagram’s Story or IGTV in recent years has also become a key promotion location for many brands!

3.1 Instagram Stories (Video)

Designers will showcase their bold and unique design in 2019, making your potential customers unforgettable and enjoying your products and services!

Stay tuned for our design sharing to help you create the perfect website!

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